Divorce Diary of Halle Berry

Dear Diary,

I had to talk about my 3 divorces today and it just made me feel all sweaty and icky. I hate to talk about any of it, David, Eric and Olivier. And even Gabriel. It wasn’t a marriage but it was in many ways so much more significant. Because of Nahla.

I just feel so awful, like I failed. I feel guilty and embarrassed by the whole…well, you know what? It’s not even about that. I am not ashamed of my past and who I am and my mistakes and stuff like that. It has made me who I am. I am a strong woman. I am a mother and a daughter and a ex wife to three different husbands. This is a life. This is my life and I am proud of my life and all I have accomplished. This has not been easy by any means. Infact, it is very hard. Very, very hard.

And expensive. Jesus Christ. It’s one thing to screw up and then it’s another thing when you have to pay for those screw ups for the rest of your life; you know?

I have learned so much from my screw ups and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love my children more than anything in the entire world. They are worth every dime I have to pay but sometimes I wish…

I’m human, you know? I just wanted to believe in the fairytales, you know?

Fairytales are expensive!

Fairytales are very, very expensive!

This journal entry is fictitious and does not necessarily reflect the views of Halle Berry.