UK: Judge Denies Divorce Petition of 66 Year old Tini Owens married 40 years to Hugh Owens

This is a bewildering case from the UK. It seems a woman who married at 26 and remained married for 40 years to the same guy even though they have long since stopped sleeping in the same bedroom and even though she has said that she has been “desperately unhappy in her marriage for years,” has been denied the right to divorce him by an English court. To wit:

A 66-year-old woman who has been married to her husband for nearly 40 years has appealed against a court’s decision to refuse her a divorce.
Tini Owens wants to divorce her husband, 78-year-old Hugh Owens, because she is “desperately unhappy”.
But Mr Owens has disagreed, arguing that the couple still had a “few years” to enjoy.

First, it appears that some English divorce judges are just plum out of their cotton picking minds. And I say that respectfully. Just the other day, a couple of my colleagues wrote about the story where a UK divorce judge basically increased an ex wife’s alimony checks because she had basically spent all her divorce settlement and her husband was financially better off than she. The couple had been divorced 15 years at the time of the change of this order and as of this writing, the gentleman was under appeal. I could not believe it any more than Bryan and Vanessa could. You can read the article here. Now not even a week later, I read this story about the court refusing to grant a divorce on some type of frivolous basis.

Basically, the judge patronized the wife implying that maybe she is too old or too daft or too much of a woman or married too long to know what she wants so he made the decision for her that she had to stay in an unhappy marriage.

This is such an unusual ruling, that one can only reasonably conclude that the judge is insane. Or maybe on his way to becoming insane.

A barrister representing Mrs Owens told the appeal court that the “vast majority” of divorces were undefended in 21st century England.
Philip Marshall QC added: “It is extraordinarily unusual in modern times for a court to dismiss a petition for divorce.”

Mr Marshall said Mrs Owens’s case was that her husband had behaved unreasonably and that the marriage had irretrievably broken down.
She had made 27 allegations about the way Mr Owens treated her which he, a retired businessman, denied.

She said he was “insensitive” in his “manner and tone” and said she was “constantly mistrusted” and felt unloved.

“The simple fact is that I have been desperately unhappy in our marriage for many years,” she said in a witness statement.

Mr Marshall said Judge Tolson had failed to make “proper findings of fact” and argued that his ruling should be overturned.

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Well, in any regard, they seem to be having a lot of fun in England in the divorce courts. A lot of wild and crazy things seem to happen over there.

Blame it on drexit.