Bethenny Frankel's Post Divorce Real Estate Empire Keeps Blowing up While Ex Jason Hoppy got arrested for Stalking Her

I am one of the few people who like Jason Hoppy and I always thought that Bethenny Frankel was very mean to him on  Bethenny Getting Married.  Seriously, she used to treat him with such disrespect and disdain in my opinion. She did not cherish him. She almost seemed like she did not love him. Why did she marry that poor, simple boy? Was it all about the husband and the kids for the reality show?

At the time they met she was on Housewives and single. She had nobody. He came into her life and gave her an arm to hold on to and he gave her the baby and what did she do in return? She always felt she was better than him. That is never good news for the success of a relationship. There has to be a sense of parity and equality. She thought she was more.

Why? Because he was just a pharmaceutical salesman. Whatever that means.

She was a star.

At least he gave her Bryn.

But now, the poor boy is emotionally rearranged and apparently and according to the New York Post, he was arrested for stalking her in January. And harassing her.

I think he had loved her. Maybe he doesn’t now. Now he is angry. Stalking is the behaviour of an angry man and that is not okay, Jason. But it is love turning to hate. He loved her and she rejected him.

Meanwhile, she is just racking up a whole bunch of real estate purchases in the Hamptons, Soho and all over the place. At least she put her money in a property that she can sell and get her money’s worth later on. She does not waste her money.

I am sorry for Jason. He loved Bethenny and she is a cold little you know what. But he has to get over it and move on with his life. Stalking is not good. Move on Jason! Bethenny is not worth getting locked up for. Find another girl.