Mika Brzezinski, the Uber Annoying CNBC Anchor, Puts Her Former Marital Residence on the Market

Bronxville, New York

Mika Brzezinski is divorced. Did you know that? Me neither. Not till this morning when I went over to the New York Post to mine it for divorce dirt. The New York Post is always replete with divorce dirt. Where do they get all this dirt???

I cannot abide Mika Brzezinski. I should not say this out loud because it is inappropriate and wrong to come out and admit that you don’t like someone. But if she can come out and say she doesn’t like Kellyanne Conway (btw, I am not crazy about Kellyanne either) then I can say I don’t care for Mika. Btw, who looks older? Mika or Kellyanne? Both are 49 and I swear to god they both look deep into their fifties. Maybe Kellyanne can even pass for 60. Like, I mean, do they smoke???

I digress. Why don’t I like Kellyanne Mika? Cause I don’t think she is authentic. Yes, I know. Look who is talking. But. But! I have my reasons and it all has to do with the 2016 elections. Neither she nor Joe Scarborough are being honest about their true thoughts and views. It is a farce. The whole thing is a farce and it turns me off.
With that said, Kellyanne Mika has put her former marital residence on the chopping block for $2 million, months after their divorce has been finalized according to the Post. It is in Westchester County Рupstate and she and her husband are looking to make a quick profit.
I mean, whatever.
Where should I file this post? I don’t think they have a category for people like Mika…I guess I have to reluctantly put her in “celebrities.” But Melania Trump will probably scoff and say “she thinks she is a celebrity.” And with that, I would have had to agree with Melania.
….well, here’s to wishing Mika a quick sale on her house. Here, here.