On Wearing Your Divorce on Your Face

The other day, my mother met up with a friend she’s known since high school who had recently become divorce. I know this person because her daughter and I are very good childhood friends and our families have a summer picnic together annually.
But since last summer, the friend of my mother’s and the mother of my childhood friend got divorced. It was after 22 years of marriage.

When I asked my mother about my friend’s mom when I met up with her this weekend, she said “oh my god, she is carrying that divorce in her face!”

“What do you mean?” I asked, already figuring it out.

“She looks like hell, like life has just hit her with a massive backhand slap,” was all my mother said.

I thought, “jeeze.”

For me, it would be unfair to judge this woman on her face after 22 years of marriage and getting a divorce because I have been lucky that so far, I have not had to survive a divorce and I’m only 22 myself. But my Asian mother, whatever else she wasn’t good at, taught me to take care of my face no matter what is going on in my life, and no matter how young I am.

She said I should never let anybody know what is going on in my life by showing my problems in my face. She believes in doing facial massages and drinking herbal teas and washing away toxins with lots of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. But she especially loves to do facial exercises. I think she is a little bit obsessed with those, actually.

She does them twice a day and she always encourages me to do them. She said it is never too young to start to outsmart the cruel hands of time in the face. She said all of life’s problems go into the face and form ugly lines but that if people massaged their faces everyday, people would think they had no problems.

I wonder why she never taught my friend’s mother how to do these facial massages?
What about you? Did you recently get divorced? And did you let it hang off your face? Or did you massage the stress and toxins out?