UK: Jealousy over Text Messages Leads to Domestic Violence and a Murder Conviction for Jordan Matthews

Jealousy over Text Messages Can Turn Deadly!

Jealousy over text messages has led to a chef and martial arts enthusiast named Jordan Matthews being convicted of beating his girlfriend to death because he found a dating app on her phone and believed she was soliciting other men. The man and his girlfriend were living together, after having met on a dating site, Plenty of Fish over a year ago. This is not the first or only time that jealousy over text messages has led to violence in a relationship. What is it about text messages? Why does jealousy over text messages turn so deadly so often?

The fact is that technology in general, social media in particular, can take a toll on relationships and people have been known to cross lines and incur the jealousy of their partners whether wittingly or unwittingly.

The lessons of the story are:

  1. Guard against the vice of jealousy.
  2. Do not cheat on your spouse or partner.
  3. Do not engage in physical violence against others.
  4. Exercise caution with people you have recently met on dating sites.
  5. If you have even the slightest suspicion that your spouse or partner is capable of murder, get out of the relationship immediately and go into hiding from this person.

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