The Pretty Little Liar.

Is your wife a liar? Have you caught her in little white lies from time to time? Why do you keep forgiving her and overlooking it? Is it her eyes? Her pretty little innocent little face?
Fellas, I have some bad news for you. You should not ignore this. You should not ignore when your wife lies to you even if it is a small, petty lie. As a matter of fact, if she lies when it is small and petty and when there is reason to lie, it is the most dangerous type of liar. Because what will she do when there is a reason to lie?

A pretty little liar is a monster behind a beautiful pout. She is a player. She is playing you with her dewey skin, and big wet eyes and moist full lips.

Sure, I understand why you love her and I understand why you married her and I understand why you want to keep her around. But she is trouble. She can send you to jail that one because all these little tremors are masking the big earthquake that will happen once you realize what she is really up to when your back is turned.

Any woman who tells little white lies should not be trusted just because you think it is harmless and because she has such a hold over you with her pretty face because usually a woman like that is good at lying and the question you have to ask yourself about this liar (no matter how small and innocent the lies seem) is what else is she lying about? And can you really trust her. In my opinion, you shouldn’t. Pretty little liars are nothing but trouble and most of the time, the trouble isn’t even worth it since she is nothing but a liar anyways.