Your Second Marriage Can Be More Successful Than Your First if you follow these 5 tips

Statistics show that people who remarry have a greater chance of ending up divorced the second time around as compared to first timers. Why is this? It is not clear. It could just be that people lack the confidence after they have been divorced before, that they can remain successfully and happily married.

At, we tackled this issue of the remarriage and outlined 5 key ways to increase the odds that your second marriage will last. Of course, these tips are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other things couples will have to do in their own personal situation. Relationships are not one size fits all by any means. But these five astuces are general enough that they can apply to most relationships and could help if you are someone who is about to get married again.

One tip is as follows:

Fourth, decide at the beginning of the marriage what your ground rules are – that is, create a “constitution” for your relationship. It is not just money and property items that should be discussed before marriage, it is also how you are going to be in the marriage with and to each other.

Make certain promises to each other and write them down and sign them before you even get married. Revisit the document during your marriage when you are struggling with specific issues that were addressed on the list. Your marriage constitution is the supreme law of your marriage.

Discuss and agree on consequences for breaches of the terms of your marriage constitution. Vow to treat this constitution like a sacred document.

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