Angelina & Kids Surface in Cambodia for Film Premiere But is her Hollywood Career Caput post-Brad?

The New York Post just did a scathing report on Angelina Jolie who debuted her film First They Killed My Father in Cambodia this weekend with all six of her children in tow. The whole thing is being dismissed as one big PR stunt and the New York Post has really socked it to Angelina even stating that Angelina is hated in Hollywood while Brad is loved and adored, and implying that Angelina had been trying to blacken Pitt’s reputation in Hollywood but that it backfired, to wit:

After Pitt’s triumphant appearance at the Globes, Jolie apparently realized there was, in fact, one thing even she couldn’t do: Make people in Hollywood hate Brad Pitt. The subtext was even worse: They tolerated her only because of him.

Truth be told to the New York Post, Angelina Jolie had a soaring film career before she hooked up with Brad Pitt. She was NOT an unknown actress or reality tv wannabe. She was very famous and very admired and very lusted after by film goers all over the world – ostensibly by Brad Pitt as well. She had a sex goddess reputation and was a bigger star than Brad’s then wife, Jennifer Aniston. In fact, while this was occurring, the popular consensus was that Jennifer just could not compete with Angelina Jolie. And this is not to belittle Jennifer because I happen to love Jennifer. But at the time, it was clear that she could not compete.
So how can the New York Post claim that people “tolerated” Angelina because of Brad? Angelina brought tremendous cachet to that relationship. In a real way, she was playing the starring role in that saga and Brad was being pulled along for the ride – which very well could have been part of the problem in their relationship in the end.

The other thing is the subtext; the finger-pointing at Angelina as the bad person and Brad as the saint that is objectionable. Brad is not a saint and no amount of sanctification is going to make him a saint. It was he who was married to someone else at the time he hooked up with Angelina. Angelina was not married. Angelina did not take any vows to Jennifer Aniston. Angelina did not owe Jennifer Aniston fidelity or loyalty or love or trust. She was not in privity to any contract with anyone at the time of her dalliance with Brad Pitt – least of all to Jennifer Aniston, Brad’s then wife. It is foul to blame Angie (as Brad called her) just because she is the woman in this situation. If she had been married to another man and Brad was single, no one would blame Brad for having hooked up with her. The blame would rightfully have been on Angelina because she was married.

There is an ugly double standard in the media and in society that whorifies women, no matter what the circumstances of their sexual conduct, while at the same time letting men off the hook. This needs to stop. Furthermore, we don’t know that Brad was a loving father one hundred percent of the time with those children. We know they took very good photographs when in public. But no one knows what was really occurring behind closed doors with that family. And Brad’s overall response and strategy suggest that he is a man who knows that he is not innocent in this situation. Sure, he is not solely to blame. But chances are, he was no saint.

Still, it is easier and more interesting to blame Angelina and put Brad up on a pedestal. She is the one who probably will end up without a Hollywood career after this. And no, she is not blameless either. She is no saint – even if Brad was abusing the kids as she insinuates – because she let it go on for ten years so it raises the question, why now? Is it love of the kids or some other thing that motivates her? This means her “mothership” is not really all that great either. And as the upholder, it would make her worse than the thief – if there really was abuse.

The point is she is no worse than Brad and people should not demonize her while extolling his virtues as if he is an angel. He is not an angel and she is not the devil incarnate. They are equals in this. Even he should reject that mantle of sainthood because he cannot ever live up to the hype and his kids will grow up one day with their own tales.

For now, look at the kids in Cambodia with Angelina after all that has happened. They look well and healthy. So it cannot be that bad that Angelina has custody of them. She is doing something right.

And she does not owe her career to Brad Pitt.
I’m just saying.