Did Beyoncé Get Pregnant to Save Her Marriage to Jay Z?

Shortly before Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy (this time with twins), there had been all these rumors that she and Jay Z were having marital troubles. Not that the couple has not been plagued by divorce rumors before. It seems Beyoncé and Jay Z are always on the brink of divorce if you listen to all the gossip and read all the celebrity rags. Not so long ago, there was even rumors that Jay Z had cheated on Beyoncé and had in the interim enraged Beyoncé’s sister Solange who then was videotaped slapping Jay Z around in an elevator.

Nothing ever came of those rumors but it was clear that Beyoncé did not disapprove of her little sister slapping her husband around in an elevator so something major must have happened.

Now that Beyoncé, who is mother to one other child by her husband – Blue Ivy – is pregnant again, people are back to speculating about the motivation for her impending second motherhood and some people are saying that it is because they are having marriage troubles so Beyoncé thinks by getting pregnant she can cement the relationship and stop divorce dead in its tracks.

It seems unlikely that this is her motivation though. She is a very desirable and rich woman and if Jay Z thinks he can do better, she more than likely will show him to the door and find someone else. She does not have to resort to dirty little tricks like getting pregnant on cue to hold on to him as if he is doing her a favor by staying.

So this is just nonsense. She is pregnant because both she and her husband wanted to be parents a second time. End of discussion.