How to Get Your Spouse to Change Their Mind About a Divorce

When your spouse wants a divorce and you don’t.

When your spouse wants a divorce and you don’t it can be a very tricky situation to circumnavigate. But your marriage is worth fighting for, and fighting for dirty, if necessary, if you really feel that it would be a mistake to break that marital bond. Without becoming a stalker, murderer or femme/homme fatale, here are 10 ideas for stalling the divorce:

Get the families (kids, in laws)  involved to talk to your spouse and to talk your spouse out of the divorce. Literally, organize a family conference and include clergy if needed.

Agree to the divorce, get legal representation, and then go off on holiday with the kids, friends or work colleagues making sure to post happy photos on social media so that he can see how happy you are without him (or her).

If you are not the one who wanted the divorce, make your spouse jealous by finding someone else while the divorce is being processed (check out dating sites for quick hook ups). Act like you are already in love and go out on dates and start looking really hot.

Morph into a reasonable, positive angel overnight. Just change. Start to work out, look great, be happy. And cut all negative behaviors that your spouse used to despise but act like it has nothing to do with your spouse.

A totally different tactic is to straight up refuse the divorce. Just straight up say “I don’t want a divorce. I married you forever and yes we are having problems but I want to work on our marriage and commitment. I want to give it another six months and that is my final word on the subject.”

Try to figure out what is it your spouse thinks is lacking in the relationship and find a way to deliver it or demonstrate it even while the divorce is underway

If you think your spouse expects you to get bent out of shape, act like You Could Care Less One Way or Another (Use Reverse Psychology)

Stall by saying you think you are pregnant – if you think this could soften his heart (hopefully you really are or can be if you can get “lucky” on cue)

Go on a date with his best friend just to talk, not to boink this guy.

Do NOT resort to begging and grovelling. This is a time to be very, very prideful and stay in the driver’s seat no matter what.