What Do Dancers, Masseuses & NFL Players Have in Common? A Very High Divorce Rate

Why do NFL players, dancers, and masseuses (and bartenders) have such a disproportionately high divorce rate? What do these professions or people who gravitate to these professions have in common?

“Well, for one thing, they all use their hands a lot,” said Rex Beauregard, a sex therapist in Montana(?).

This is not exactly persuasive dictum because, well, NFL players do not primarily use their hands and dancers…it can’t be about their hands. What would it be about hands that would predispose a person to divorce?

“The sense of touch is a very powerful driver of the sexual drive,” deadpans Mr Beauregard.
What does that even mean? NFL players are not touching potential mates when they are using their hands on the field in play. Maybe the argument can be made successfully about masseuses. They use their hands a lot and get dirty ideas on the job which they take with them on the way home and if they stop at a bar for a drink and meet someone…. This is understandable.

Dancers on the other hand, they feel up their partners all day long. So they understandably are constantly in the mood for getting it on.

What the heck is the explanation for the ball players? It’s not exactly like they are feeling up their teammates. Why is their divorce rate so high and what do they have in common with dancers and masseuses?

Tom Brady, are you reading this? Can you explain this conundrum for us, please?