Q&A: Should We Commingle Our Business? Go Ahead. Mix Business and Pleasure. But When It's Time to Divorce, Don't look at Me.

Commingle, combine, comsextabongle.
Let’s get it on, baby.

This is how a lot of couples feel when they are in love. And they decide to form businesses together and then get married and they have no formal paperwork drawn up about the business and how it will be managed in the event of an unmingling.


But even lawyers who do this (for example divorce lawyers who create a law practice together and then get divorced) can find themselves in a soup when they don’t have prenups and partnership agreements and things like that. There was a case in Texas recently that illustrates the folly of commingling businesses in a way that does not take the future into account.
And, I mean, if you are in love, you are in love. Do whatever you want. Commingle all you want. Mix business with pleasure all you want and don’t draw up airtight agreements when the weather is fair.

Later on, when you are getting a divorce and you hate this person, I wanna tell you, I don’t even wanna hear it!

Cause you were told to take care of the legal stuff and not to commingle stuff in a stupid way from the get-go. So lee meee alone!

(I woke up in a bad mood. The neighbor’s alarm got me up at 3 and it went on till 5 so if this was not very kind, forgive me, darlings 🙂 )