On Divorcing Your Rich Husband Because He and His Family (his mother!) Made you Unhappy

When Your Rich Husband’s Family Looks Down Their Noses at You it is Usually Disaster For Your Marriage

Who was the Buddha who said money doesn’t buy happiness? It seems to be a true adage for a lot of women married to wealthy men. It is not that they married their husbands because he was rich. They often married him in spite of his wealth but for a huge percentage of these women, they discover that his wealth did not make them very happy and often it may have made them very unhappy.

A huge part of the reason for this seems to be the family. Wealthy families typically look down their noses at poorer women who marry they sons and brothers – (more so than they look down at wealthy men who marry their daughters even though that can be problematic too).

Why are women who are poorer than their husbands so disdained by his mother and siblings Рespecially his sisters?

It is hard to say. In my experience, women generally can be a lot more hateful than men (mean girls??). Men are capable of great hatred too but for some reason, women are meaner to other women than men are to women (of course when a man is mean, may god help us).
Mother in laws are especially troublesome because this is their precious son and this is her money. Here you have this other woman who may or may not be younger than the mother in law coming in to take over or meddle in her (the mother in law’s) turf. With or without money, this can be a very difficult scenario. But money tends to exacerbate what is already a difficult situation.

It is a question of scorn, jealousy, hate and prejudice. Mixed together it can be lethal. If your husband is not the type of guy who can stand up to his mother and sisters and other siblings, then yes, your marriage will be doomed because you will feel emotionally besieged by these people. Your self esteem will be destroyed and your husband’s passivity will leave you feeling utterly betrayed.

What is the solution? I think you should only marry into a rich family if the in laws are dead or living far away in another country.