On How to Have a Happy Divorce Process

Some divorces just aren’t going to be a happy process no matter what you do. But others can be molded into clouds of light, fluffy happiness, in my opinion if you follow the advice I give you below.

The way you have a happy divorce is:
You first of all, keep a sense of humor no matter what. It is hard to be amused during this time but it is a choice and you can choose to make this choice vis a vis the other choice of being angry as hell.

Then, you say the prayer “God grant me the serenity.” Do you know it?
After that, round up the kids and tell the kids “mommy and daddy are getting divorce (if you are gay say what the appropriate term is here) and we need you guys to help us get through this as a family by not freaking out. We are always going to be a family and we will even go on holidays together every single year even if we live in separate homes. So don’t worry be happy.” And this is very important: Never badmouth each other in front of the kids cause this would result in World War III.

Next, opt out of the court scene and expensive/contentious pitbull divorce lawyers and go the collaborative route/divorce mediation route instead.

Next, choose not to fight over stupid stuff – or over anything at all. It’s a choice.
At the same time, keep going to therapy both as a family and as an individual too.
Also, take your medication – especially antidepressants if you need them (but do not abuse any drug or alcohol as this will only make things worse and more complicated in the long run).

Added to that, take care of your physical wellbeing by getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising (this is cliché but it really helps a lot to regulate your mood). Pay close attention to hygiene and your physical appearance. Get a few new items of clothing so you feel new and fresh as often as possible. This includes underwear.

Moreover, get support from clergy, family, and friends. Then, be generous with each other as far as the property and be fair too. Honor any agreements you made in oral or written, as that will definitely reduce friction.

Finally, plan your divorce party as quickly as possible so you will have something to look forward to. And if possible, consider a divorce honeymoon as well.
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