How to Throw a Fashionable Divorce Party Befitting Vogue

Celebrate the end of your marriage with style: Divorce Party ideas

High fashion!
Sexy Clothes!
Great Cocktails!
Black & White!
Skinny, Sophisticated, rich friends
Cute, cuddly animals!
Moderne rooftop locale!

These are some ideas for the things you need to throw a fashionable divorce party. It helps if your friends are all in the fashion or entertainment business and if you are all singularly young and gorgeous and know the difference between Louis Vuitton and Dior, and if you all know who is Karl Lagerfeld is, of course.

Be sure to send out simple but stylish invitations. Better yet hire an event planner who will plan all the details for you and all you have to do is show up.
For the music, you absolutely need a Saxophonist and live jazz.
Your outfit? Black and White all the way. Sleek, clean, great style.
Hire a bartender for the drinks.
Take lots of photos, create great memories. No tears.
Issue a statement. Maybe even a press release that encapsulates your love for each other and your well wishes for each other in one sentence.
Invite Kendall Jenner.

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