Why Not Write a Love Letter to Your Ex?

Ever thought of sending a love letter to your ex? Or if not sending it just writing one and storing it in a trunk in the attic? What would you say? I have been writing a love letter myself. Not to my ex. But it gave me the idea for this post: Write a love letter to your Ex. What a crazy idea, right? Well, look below for a template I created for you. Why not write and send a letter to your ex today. Don’t know where to begin? Here, I will help you. See my outline below:

Yesterday, I thought of you and I felt_________________. This morning I woke up and I decided to write you this letter.
____________, I want you to know that in spite of ____________, you have given me the three most _________  _________ of my life. The first is___________. The Second is ____________ and the third is ___________________.
I don’t know which one makes me feel more _________________. I am _____________ and _____________ to have met you and to have been your _____________. Yes, of course I am ___________ and _____________ that the marriage did not work out and I will probably always feel ______________ about that. But in spite of that, I want you to know that I _____________ every moment that we shared and I will _________________ in my heart forever.
In releasing our past marriage and looking finally to the future without “us” I acknowledge that I ____________________ and that it takes ______________ to take one’s life to the next level and I embrace this knowledge and ________________.
We are both on our own journeys now, independent and free and I know we will be ___________________ which ever way this turns out.
I wish you____________ on your journey as you continue your life. I also wish you ________________ and ___________.

With love

Image courtesy of Flickr creative commons