Getting Divorced Because Your Marriage is Making You Drunk and Fat, Girlfriend?

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It happens. Marriage does cause some people to become fatter and to drink more. Studies have actually been conducted on this and the research shows that women are more likely than men to gain weight while married and to increase their drinking. Men tend to do the reverse. They decrease their drinking and lose weight. On average. As compared to women.
What is it that makes us girls more prone to drink when married? Turns out it is our husbands! The more our husbands drink, the more we will tend to drink when we marry him. The less we drink, the less he will drink but he won’t stop drinking completely. So we will increase our drinking to match him and he will decrease his drinking to match us.
Same with food. If a woman married a guy who eats a lot while she eats like a bird, research suggests she will increase her eating levels after marriage to this guy while he will decrease his.

It appears that other factors of marriage increase the dependence on alcohol and food. Stress. Kids. Money issues. Relationship worries.

There does come a point where too much is too much for some people though and this could lead to divorce because when being married is making you alcoholic or fat lard, what is the point? For some women there is no point.

The one good news for women in this situation is that the same research that shows they tend to gain weight and drink more when married also shows that they straighten out after a divorce and begin to drink less (or not at all) and lose weight because they also eat less.
Men do the opposite