UK/EU Divorce: Is BREXIT Theresa May's Big Fat Mistake?

Politics: 2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May says she will set the UK’s exit from the EU in motion this month by triggering the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Once that bell starts to toll, the divorce will be officially underway and it will be hard if not impossible to change her mind.
I suppose it’s good news that it will largely be a no fault “irreconcilable differences” situation but there will likely be a lengthy court battle over property settlement and custody. Custody of what or whom? All those EU citizens in UK, of course. And vice versa.

It’s about the children. It will be a mess.

Theresa May seems in a rush to get this divorce behind her, though, and that is the problem. She wants to be free. Fast. But this feels, sounds and looks like a high-priced mistake to me. If it feels like a duck and looks like a duck and sounds like a bloody duck, don’t do it, Theresa!
But maybe its just me. All I know is some people go broke after their divorce and other people think they are going to be happy to get rid of their spouse and they get the divorce and then up to a decade later, they are miserable as hell.

Maybe UK doesn’t like polygamy. It is not marriage they don’t like. It’s the polygamy and in some cases the incest. The whole thing is unseemly and they want out. OK. But is the timing right? There is a right time and a wrong time to get divorced. Who the heck gets divorced in March, for example? It is an inauspicious month for divorce and everybody knows it.
Sometimes, taking a time out is better than a divorce. Just separate and don’t even necessarily get a separation agreement. Don’t put anything in writing. It is cheaper. Just move out but don’t officialise it. Later, when you blow off enough steam, reconcile. But get a post nup. So simple. Why won’t these people listen to reason?

It’s a mistake! It’s a bloody mistake! Why won’t anybody stop this woman from making the political mistake of her life? And just watch. In the end, those same Brexiters are going to turn on her and blame her for the deplorable state they will be in in a few years. They will blame Theresa. And they will take her to Trafalgar Square and chop off her head the way they did to poor Marie Antoinette in France.

It’s a trap, Theresa!
It’s a set up!
Don’t do it!