Are Divorced Men Scared to marry again?

Are Men Who Got Divorced Scared to Marry again?

Are divorced men scared to marry again?
Are divorced men scared to marry again?

Are divorced men scared to marry again? I don’t think I am qualified to answer that question for every guy out there. I know for myself, I got remarried less than two years after I split from my first wife. I met my second wife about six months after my divorce and I met her after dating a lot of other women who I met online and through other sources. The thing is, I did not want to be alone. I really wanted a woman to share my life and so I was proactive. I signed up for every dating site you can think of and I went out on dates and I did the after work bar scene and I even got set up on a few dates by my sister.

In the end, I met my wife in the subway. We were waiting on the platform. And there were like three feet of humanity between us and the door, for hours and so we just got to talking and one thing led to the other. Was I scared to marry again? No.

Do I think there are guys who are scared to marry again and scared of getting back into it after a divorce? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t think I could generalize and say this is all guys.
Personally, I think men are just like women. They just want to find someone to love and someone who loves them and someone who they get along with. They do want good sex and stuff like that but they want friendship too. Me and my second wife were always like buddies in crime from the get go. She laughs at all my jokes and I think she is sexy as hell.

And most important, she fills this need in me to have someone who takes care of me in a way that I want to be taken care of. She is very useful to have in my life. I really can’t imagine my life without her and I don’t know how I ever survived for so many years without her in my life.
I am not a bitter guy as some people might believe. I just want things to be fair between the genders. Me and my wife have a prenup. I did not have a prenup with my first wife. We did not have a lot of assets when we married. These days, I think no prenup, no marriage. And we still don’t have a lot of money. But I think it is important to protect yourself in this situation. I think if men are scared of remarrying, that is why. They probably got burned bad the first time around because they did not have protection like a prenup and now they are gun shy.

Who can blame them? But if they had gotten a prenup in the first place, they would feel totally free to get back into it and find someone new. And it is so worth it, finding someone you really belong with.
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