Getting Divorced Because Your Husband Works Too Much?

Yes, I am a former wife who got divorced because my husband worked too much. This was not our only problem but it was our biggest.

Striking the right work/life balance can be difficult for some people. A lot of men find themselves in this predicament where they are busy working trying to provide for their families and next thing they know, they are hit with divorce papers because their spouses feel ignored, unloved and uncared for.

Lonely wives married to workaholics can be dangerous and many pull the trigger on their marriages – usually to the utter shock and consternation of their husbands who thought that by working hard to provide for his family, he was actually being a good husband. Providing a good financially secure life style for your wife and family is a good thing and it is not that anyone is complaining about that.

The thing is that money is not all there is to a happy life. It does take money to buy everything you want in life. But there does get to a point where there is a tipping point. Money is not all there is. Time is also like money. In the sense that it has a very high value and it is finite. Time spend with spouses and family can be worth more than all the billions festering in the bank. A hug and kiss goes a long way. A private joke shared, a movie watched together, a nice dinner cooked together. Memories. This is what it is all about.

Money is paper. It has no life. It has no memory.

Remember that you took vows to your spouse, not to your job. You are not married to your job so act like you understand the difference and find a way to foster a healthier relationship with your spouse where you are giving enough quality time to the relationship.