Hunter Biden's Messy Divorce + Beau Biden, Hallie Biden, Kathleen Biden and Joe Biden

Politics & Divorce

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is reportedly bonking his ex sister in law Hallie Biden the widow of Beau Biden, Hunter’s older son brother. Just a year ago, Hunter was married to Kathleen Biden but they are ensconced in a messy divorce apparently, after she accused him in divorce papers of using drugs and patronizing call girls – claims he strongly denied.

Be that as it may, Hunter’s brother Beau famously died from brain cancer in 2015 or abouts, and this was the reason that Vice President Joe Biden cited for declining to run for the presidency. Hallie is Beau’s widow and she began to date Hunter not long after.

How long had they been attracted to each other? Did this only happen after Beau died or was there always an attraction? Did they ever act on this attraction before Beau’s death?
The New York Post has more on the scandal (it is a bit scandalous isn’t it?) and you can check out the story there.

But how long were these two eyeing each other? It is a very important question.