Destinations Like Mexico & Ibiza Are Divorce Risks for Couples (Avoid if Newly Married)

Divorce Travel Risk: Destinations to avoid when newly wed

Don’t go to Mexico or Ibiza on holiday within the first year or two of your marriage if you want to avoid divorce. These destinations could be bad news for your new relationship. Studies show that couples who take their first trip abroad to places like Mexico and Ibiza often break up within 6 months of the trip. It is not clear why this happens. But compared to countries like Portugal and Italy, Mexico and Ibiza Spain are a bad omen for couples.

Couples are likely to fight over different things – usually stuff that are not even material such as what to do as far as sightseeing or which restaurant to eat at. But they also fight about things like missing their flight. Of course these fights can occur no matter what the destination, however when coupled with other factors, places like Mexico and Ibiza really should be avoided in the beginning of the relationship and certainly as an initial travel destination for a “young” couple.

According to this report the reasons Mexico and Ibiza as well as Portugal are bad news (less so in the case of Portugal) could include frivolous spending and party vibes that are characteristic of these locales. It is not that couples should avoid traveling but they should choose their destinations carefully. They should go to places that are less flashy and expensive and try places that are more romantic and low stress.

If you want to avoid divorce some good bets include destinations off the coast of Africa like Mauritius, the Maldives or the Seychelles. Couples could also consider Gao, a paradise on India’s West coast.