On Dating a Divorced Man With Kids

Divorced Men With Kids

My current boyfriend is a divorced man and he has a couple of young kids. Luckily for us, his kids live with their mother on the West Coast and we are on the East Coast. He only sees them a few times a year in New York and the rest of the time he travels out to California. I am glad about this. I will be quite honest. I am only twenty-two. I am not ready to be a mother or a stepmother and I don’t want the responsibility of having to take care of my boyfriend’s kids or deal with them all the time since we practically live together he and I. I don’t also think the children are all that warm towards me and if I married their father, I think this could get worse.

Actually, him having kids is a reason that makes me hesitate to marry him. He hasn’t asked me to marry him but I am already thinking ahead that I don’t want to marry him because he has kids. Does this make me a bad person?

A lot of my guy friends from college are the same way. They shy away from dating women with kids. They only hook up with these women from time to time but they tell me they would never have a serious relationship with a woman who has kids from another relationship.

As I said, in my situation, dating a divorced man with kids is not a problem because the kids live on the other side of the country with their mother. I can definitely see that if something happens to their mother and they had to move in with him, that it could be a problem for our relationship.

What about you? Are you dating a divorced man with kids?