Great Sex But You Want a Divorce?

Sex Problems in Marriage Can Lead to Divorce But Sometimes, the Sex is Great and You Still Want a Divorce

Is it possible to be having great sex with your spouse but yet you want a divorce? It almost sounds like an oxymoron. But apparently it does happen from time to time where a couple is sexually compatible but lack the emotional intimacy that is necessary to sustain a marriage.
You can’t help who you are sexually attracted to. But you also can’t help needing an emotional bond with your husband or wife to feel rooted in the relationship, to feel safe and to feel loved and protected.

It is ironic because they always say that the sex is the first to go in a relationship gone bad so this is a rare breed of a relationship or divorce where the parties are still having a great time in the sack but nothing outside of it.

All I can say is that it happens. And wanting a divorce because you have only a sexual connection with someone and not an emotional one, is forgivable. After all, how much sex can you possibly have before it becomes utterly numbing? You become numb, for Christ’s sakes. When you are married, more is needed than just mind/organ-numbing sex!
By contrast, you can never have too much emotional fulfilment. Am I right?

Are you in this boat? Do you agree?