13 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Bond and Avoid Divorce

To have a lasting relationship, you have to build a lasting bond with your partner and that takes time and energy. Below are 13 ideas for deepening the bonds of your relationship (so you can avoid divorce!)

  1. Date in private (stay home more and be just the two of you)
  2. Be a better, more empathetic listener
  3. Reduce the criticism and increase the praise
  4. Sync your daily routine. Stay plugged in with each other during the day.
  5. Laugh more together (fake it till it is authentic if necessary)
  6. Never lie for any reason to your partner
  7. Adopt an “us against them attitude”
  8. Keep sex in its rightful place (and don’t abuse it)
  9. Celebrate and nurture your biological and emotional differences
  10. Study the rhythm of your partner and respect it
  11. Reduce cell phone usage while together
  12. Watch less TV
  13. Talk More