Big Age Gaps Between a Couple Increase Divorce Odds

MARRIAGE ADVICE: Try to marry someone who is the same age as you. Big age gaps increase the odds of divorce

If you and your spouse are more than five years apart in age, the chances that your marriage will last are incrementally lower. That is, the more years apart you are in age, the greater the likelihood that the marriage will end in divorce. A big age gap is cited as a problem in marriage for a lot of couples.

But if you insist on going ahead with an age imbalanced relationship or marriage, keep in mind that it is also better if the husband is older than the wife if in fact there is a huge age difference between you. This is counterintuitive because women live longer than men so it really would have made more sense if women chose younger husbands than the other way around. But nature is not always intuitive.

This is a general assumption, of course. There obviously will be the exceptions to the rule and you will find people who have vast differences in age who are able to sustain a long lasting marriage and people who are practically born on the same day who cannot sustain a long lasting marriage. Age, after all, is just a number. You can take to people who are thirty years old and one could be as mature as the next 45 year old and the other one is a glorified adolescent.

So take this with a grain of salt. Just keep it in the back of your mind that if you are contemplating marrying someone who is more than 5 years older or younger than you are, there is a strong possibility that the marriage will not last. The big age difference just seems to be an issue for many people in the end.