Romain Dauriac v. Scarlett Johansson: Who Should Win Custody of Daughter Rose?

Who Should Win Custody of Rose Dauriac?

Romain Dauriac brings out Scarlett Johansson’s inner man. Just look at this picture to get a sense of what I mean. Where is the sexy, feminine, soft and long-haired sexpot that used to be a pin up poster for teen aged boys in America. Gone is all of that and this is what is left and it is very masculine, tough and unScarlett. Is it Romain’s fault? Well, the transformation seems to have happened since she married him so yes, in my opinion, this man took away this woman’s femininity (he probably didn’t mean to) which is a strong indication that they were not right for one another. Usually, in my experience, a man who makes a woman seem less feminine is usually Mr Wrong for that woman. The right man will always make a woman more rather than less feminine.

But that is another story. This post is actually about custody of their three year old daughter, Rose Dauriac. I read this morning that Scarlett has filed for divorce in Manhattan and that Roman was “shocked” by the filing (this is rather bizarre since I was of the impression that this divorce had already been underway for several weeks if not a couple of months at this point. Why was he so “shocked”?)

Anyway, assuming the news sources are real and not fake, apparently, Romain wants custody of their toddler, Rose Dauriac and he intends to take the child from her Manhattan domicile where he and Scarlett had set up residence since their wedding in Montana, to live in France with him. The reports are that the lawyer for Mr Dauriac has indicated that Dauriac got sick and fed up of having to remain captive to Scarlett’s busy movie-making schedule; and Dauriac also seems to imply that he was the main caregiver for the child while Scarlett was galivanting around the world making films for Hollywood studios:

Dauriac’s lawyer, Hal Mayerson, said the unexpected divorce petition was a “pre-emptive strike” as the former couple prepare for a custody battle. “Mr Dauriac is tired of having to run his life and his child’s life based on Ms Johansson’s shooting schedule,” Mayerson said.
The Frenchman intends to petition the court to allow him to take the child to live with him in France, Mayerson said, adding that Johansson will have “access to her daughter any time she wants to come to Paris”.

First of all, if these are the words of Dauriac’s divorce lawyer, a guy by the name of Hal Mayerson, then I am a little bit worried about what the tone of this divorce is going to be. Did you catch those words? “run his life and his child’s life based on Scarlett’s shooting schedule”? His child’s life? Is Scarlett the step mother? I thought Scarlett gave birth to this being? Which would mean it is their child, not his child. Moreover, this notion that Scarlett can “have access” to her daughter is very offensive. What is this lawyer talking about when he uses this kind of terminology and language to describe a parental relationship with a child? And why is he encouraging this notion of Dauriac just relocating to France with a child that seems to have spent the better part of her 3 years of life in Manhattan? Why just, from the start, usurp this mother’s rights as a parent and take action that can be so consequential for this young child like that just be hard and to be stupid and to “win”?

I don’t like this lawyer’s tone. It is worrisome.

With that said, can Dauriac really win custody on the basis that he provided primary care to the young Rose? Is Scarlett a bad mother because she works? I would love to see how the Manhattan judge decides this case. You are not a bad parent because you work. Good parents work so they can provide resources for their children. You don’t punish a parent for having a job because you send the wrong message about the value of work to the very children you are trying to protect.

It is in Rose’s best interest to have both parents in her life and that they coparent her and that they both work to provide her with the best resources possible. She should not be relocated to Paris if her mother lives in Manhattan and if most of Rose’s life was in Manhattan. Dauriac lives or has lived in Manhattan for most of his 2 year marriage to Scarlett and he can easily continue to do so, in order for Scarlett to continue her career and in order for both parents to be able to have quality parenting time and “access” to their children.
And Hal Mayerson should be encouraging that and counseling his client to think in this way rather than what he is doing. This method is going to be very expensive because Scarlett will have to push back and so all these legal fees will be racked up and that poor little former family will be ruined at the end. Who will win? Neither of them, if they take this route. And these types of disputes can go on for years. So who is going to pay the legal fees? Does Dauriac want Scarlett to pay his attorneys fees too?