How to Win Custody When Your Ex is a Duplicitous, Pathological Liar

How to win custody when your ex is a Sociopath?

how to win custody when your ex is
Duplicitous ex? Wondering how to win custody when your ex is crazy?

Oye, the hashtag is # how to win custody when your ex is a sociopath and pathological liar. This one is tough.

Let’s fact it: Sometimes your ex is just a sociopath and you really are in for quite a treat trying to protect your children from this eight-faced monster. Good luck convincing the court that you are not crazy. And good luck getting your kids out of this nightmare unscathed. This will not be easy by any means. Actually, “how to win custody when your ex is a sociopath” is a very, very tough proposition.

Duplicitous, pathological liars are difficult to fight because they camouflage well. They are able to set you up so effectively that it is almost unbelievable. You just can’t believe the bold-faced lies they are willing to tell and even the evidence they come up with to back up their claims.

They set traps. The falsify documents. They forge signatures. They push buttons and get you to lose it while they tape you on video or on audio. They influence the kids against you. They charm the court appointed law guardian and the custody evaluator. The judge believes they are honest people and that you are a bad person. Sometimes, they make you think you might be the one who is out of your mind.

You have to fight this person otherwise they will take not just your kids but your reputation and your life as you know it as well.

Here are 10 strategies you absolutely must employ:

  1. Keep as much distance and have as little direct contact as possible.
  2. Approach them through third parties like lawyers, friends or other family members.
  3. Keep a paper trail of all interactions with this individual.
  4. Keep all texts, photos, social media postings (print stuff out when you can) letters, emails, etc that will help you prove your case.
  5. Call the police often if this person in any way breaks the law or makes you feel threatened, afraid or endangered (and this goes for the kids as well, as you have to do the best you can to protect your children)
  6. Understand the psychology of this person as being one that is rarely motivated by just money (it is your peace of mind that they want most of all) and don’t take the bait whenever possible
  7. Don’t let this person take over your life to such an extent that they even control how you behave when you are in front of the judge. Your composure is yours and you should not give it away just because this person is pathological. Stay composed and calm especially when in court.
  8. Keep a journal of all the things that have occurred and all the things this person says and all the lies, etc, including the dates of the events and the outcome.
  9. Get witnesses willing to testify to your version of the truth.
  10. Choose a lawyer (preferably a law firm with multiple lawyers as opposed to a solo practitioner where there is only one person who can help you) who can go toe to toe with the sociopath and the sociopath’s attorney to counter the lies with persuasive arguments and evidence.

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