15 Questions to Ask Yourself before you marry this person

Questions to ask before you marry:

  1. What is this person’s religious and spiritual beliefs and habits and do they align with mine?
  2. Does this person want kids? Do I?
  3. What is this person’s socio economic status and are we evenly yoked in this regard?
  4. What is this person’s age and how does it compare to mine?
  5. What is this person’s attitude towards money?
  6. What is this person’s political views?
  7. Am we the same race and ethnicity? If not, are we both sensitive to these issues as they affect the other? Or is there any tone deafness?
  8. Even if we are the same race do we share the same views about issues like race? Is this person open-minded or a bigot?
  9. What are our respective social status? Is one of us “famous” and the other not? Does one of us come from an influential family? Is one of us insanely rich? And how does this impact our relationship?
  10. Do our families get along? Does his family like me? Do I like her family?
  11. Do I see myself with this person for the rest of my life?
  12. What are my views about divorce and theirs? Is it an option? Not an option?
  13. Are we sexually compatible?
  14. Do we agree on most things or do we fight about the stupidest things as well as the big things?
  15. Would I honestly say we are compatible?

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