Should Men Marry Fewer Brunettes and More Blonds to Reduce the Rate of Divorce?

Discrimination against blonds as marriage partners has not helped to improve the longevity rate of marriages in America

They say more men marry brunettes (by a huge margin) than those who marry blonds. This post which was written based on a published article tackled this question of the divorce rate of both blonds and brunettes. Do blonds have a higher rate of divorce than brunettes?
But just to be devil’s advocate, even if blonds may have a higher divorce rate – and we don’t know that to be true – it would seem a logical conclusion that if men marry more brunettes, there are more divorced brunettes than there are divorced blonds, right? So Brunettes are no better at marriage than blonds or red heads or anybody else. The whole thing is one big myth.

So while the hair color is used to “discriminate” against one group of women in favor of another as far as marriage, it certainly has not turned out that the favored group – brunettes – are all that fantastic at staying married, given the high rates of divorce that exist, notwithstanding.

So the conclusion might be that people need to stop with all the stereotyping of other people and more men ought to give more blonds a chance as spouses and stop discriminating against women because of their hair color.

Because the fact is, neither hair color nor skin color have anything to do with who a person is on the inside.