Does Chrissy Teigen Have Post Partum Depression After Baby Luna? And is her marriage to John Legend in Jeopardy?

Post-Partum Depression & Divorce: Sometimes having children can burden a new marriage. Just ask John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

New parents can sometimes find themselves enmeshed in marital difficulties due to the stress brought on by having this new person in their relationship. Our Divorce Saloon opinion editor Kate Nguyen wrote about this very issue in the post On When Baby Makes a Divorce.
Celebrities John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are no different. Mr Legend recently was quoted as saying that indeed it is very difficult for the both of them as new mom and dad to baby Luna. Chrissy on the other hand admitted in an article in Glamour Magazine that after Luna’s birth, she had difficulty getting out of bed and she experienced a lot of aches and pains and it was otherwise a very hard transition.

But she also says that her husband has been very compassionate and supportive of her during this time.

The lesson to be learned from John and Chrissy is that when baby makes three, a couple has to make certain concessions with each other and with their relationship. Things are not the same as before and with a partner who is less than compassionate, sensitive and supportive, the marriage can really disintegrate.

Actually, having a baby at the very beginning of a new marriage is a huge risk because it can upend the routine and rhythm and flow of that relationship in a sudden and irreversible way. So couples have to be careful and really make a conscious effort to stay emotionally connected with each other, to be patient and compassionate with one another and give each other time to adjust to this new situation in the relationship.

Chrissy has also had to spend a lot of time on social media defending herself and her mothering skills against critics who she calls “miserable” who basically are insinuating that she is a bad mother. Though she handled the mom shamers well, this can’t but add stress to her life and her day and ultimately to her relationship.

She might want to reduce her exposure on social media and be more private with her new family life. At least for a while. But kudos to John for showing other husbands the ideal way to care for a wife in her postpartum phase. This single thing could very well save their marriage.