Is Your Pregnancy Ruining Your Sex Life to the Point that You Fear Divorce Could Happen?

Is your pregnancy destroying your marriage?

Some guys can’t get intimate with their pregnant wives no matter what she does. She could try sexy lingerie, new acrobatic positions and scented candles but the thought that a life is growing inside her stomach and that it is actually kicking and moving, can literally render a husband impotent.

The problem was not so severe for reality star Kristin Cavallari and her husband Jay Cutler. He was “weirded out” by her pregnancy according to her but at least they continued to have a sex life and she is in fact having another baby. She is lucky.

But other couples have deeper issues with pregnancy and this has actually led to the beginning of the end of their marriage because the wife feels “isolated” and alone and undesirable and the husband just doesn’t feel turned on and aroused by his wife no matter how hard he tries to be.

What is the solution? I am not sure there is one. It really just depends on the individuals and what their tolerance levels are.