Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Coparenting. The Duo Are Great Role Models for Parents

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Coparenting Gets High Grades Still

Do you agree that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick coparenting skills deserve praise? I am not a fan of Keeping up With the Kardashians by any means. I don’t watch the show. But I cannot help but hear about and read about them in the news and on social media just about every single day. And I have made one observation. Well, I have made many observations about that family (and not all of them are positive) but there is one observation I have made that I would like to share and it is that Kourtney and Scott are very good examples of what it means to coparent children.

Whatever else their problems are – and they seem to have a lot of problems as well as a lot of dysfunction in their relationship – SO FAR, they both seem committed to being good parents, to sharing their children and to putting on a happy face for their children.
They even take holidays together, jet setting all over the world with their children in tow. Both have said in interviews that their family life is something they both cherish and having their children enjoy joint access to both parents is a priority.

The remarkable thing is that they seem to have achieved this without the intervention of courts and psychologists!

Here are the ways in which Kourtney and Scott get high grades on the coparenting score card:

  1. They seem to be able to achieve compromise and as a result they appear to have a harmonious parenting relationship.
  2. They seem to fundamentally understand that their kids are better off having both parents in their lives but without a tug of war.
  3. They don’t seem to let their anger and resentment and disappointment with each other as a couple tar their relationship with their children or get in the way of them having a “joint” approach to their parenting.
  4. They are both actively involved with their children.
  5. There seems to be consistency and predictability in their lives as far as them having routines that the children can rely on (not so much with their own situation but definitely as far as the kids)
  6. They appear to share and disperse their resources without conflict.
  7. Their children appear to be basically happy and contented little people.

If more parents could do like Kourtney and Scott, more children of divorce or broken relationships would probably have a healthier, happier childhood in spite of their parents having split.

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