Meghan Markle is NOT Going to Get the Ring From Prince Harry Because…

I hate to say it out loud because I also like Meghan like all my colleagues do. But I witnessed the body language of Prince Harry and Meghan at the Jamaican wedding of a friend of his and Harry seemed more in sync with the other woman at the table than with Meghan. Doubtful he loves the other woman but he does NOT love Meghan Markle. It is a fling. Nothing serious. He will not marry her. He seemed bored as heck at her side at the wedding.

Moreover, I think she is trying to hard. She is the one all over him and not the other way around. Big mistake, Meghan. Wrong chemistry. Plus, the distance between their chairs is a chasm, any further apart and they would be at different tables. He is not that into her. For him, it was interesting and exotic and forbidden because of Meghan’s American nationality and mixed race heritage. It was totally forbidden. His father and grandfather and the queen probably almost had a stroke when they heard he who he was dating and he knew it would have that impact not just on his family but the public which is why he came out so forcefully, in the beginning, to shut everybody up. He obviously likes her well enough. But he does not love her and he will not mârry her because she is not English enough and she is not white enough. And she is not blue blood enough. His family will tell him in not so many words as will everyone else and he will pass her over.

What can she do? Not much but it is a big mistake on her part to look like she is so into him in public photos.  Ultimately, Harry is going to marry the one he can’t have. So far, he can have ’em all. Even Meghan from the looks of it.

Am I a little bit disappointed to tell you the truth? I was rooting for Meghan until I saw those photos from Jamaica. They will break up before the end of this year.