Rich Women Divorce Settlements: # 1 Rule to Protect Your Money

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After reading the story of the ex-wife of billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich who is reportedly suing her former personal assistant – claiming her assistant cost her at least £19 MILLION in financial losses, I have one thing to say to rich women who get big divorce settlements from their billionaire husbands:


It is incredible how quickly a lot of ex-trophy wives (rich women) blow hundreds of millions of dollars of divorce settlement money. Absolutely incredible. Irina apparently has no inkling whatsoever about money and so she reportedly hired a woman named Cynthia Hoffman to help her handle things like purchase villas in places like St Tropez, arrange for and retain people to renovate her real property; hire security personnel and pay accounting/financial firms. But the former Mrs Abramovich is claiming in a stunning lawsuit that Ms Hoffman mishandled her money and caused her to lose millions of dollars.

Even if Mrs Abramovich wins the case in court, can she actually collect any money if Mrs Hoffman is broke? (Mrs Hoffman meanwhile has countersued Mrs Abramovich in civil court for employment law violations.)

It remains to be seen how this case pans out but at the same time, it is a cautionary tale to women who are clueless about money, get divorce from rich men and get huge financial settlements in the divorce only to watch it disappear in the wind.

Women who receive enormous divorce settlements (and can therefore afford to hire good help) really need to be more intelligent about hiring trustworthy and competent financial experts. Otherwise they will be in the poor house in less than five years after a divorce – even if they get up to nine-figure settlements.