Need a Private Detective For Your Divorce Case?

Where Can You Find the Best Private Detectives to Help Investigate Your Spouse to Get Evidence in Your Divorce Case?

Getting divorced? Do you think it is going to be messy? You may need the help of a private detective to help you get the evidence and proof you need to obtain the best settlement in your divorce case. These puppies don’t come cheap so if you are even thinking about hiring one, clearly you have the means to pay for it.

Private detective could run you well into the six figures, on average. Sometimes more. But they could be worth their price in gold depending on your situation and give you a huge amount of leverage when it comes time to negotiate your divorce settlement.
Where can you find the best private detective? The best advice is do a google search in your area or talk to friends.

How can private detectives help you with your divorce? In myriad ways. For instance they can assist with:

Asset location

Finding hidden assets that your spouse has concealed in far flung jurisdictions may not be your forté. Poor little innocent that you are, you may not even be able to imagine where all the money could possibly be, but competent asset location detectives can find the money in the financial maze your spouse created to confuse you. Just give them a few clues and off they will go and bring back the cash for you.

Setting up and monitoring GPS to track your spouse

You may be the biggest techy moron but these private detectives are just whizzes with this stuff. They can set up surveillance on your spouse’s numerous car(s) and your spouse would never even know that the vehicle is being tracked. Then, without ever even setting foot in your state, they can track all the activities on the vehicle for you. I wouldn’t doubt they can do it frm a smartphone!


Private detectives can help you determine whether you are being eavesdropped on by your spouse and they can set up eavesdropping mechanisms on your behalf to counter-eavesdrop on your spouse so while your spouse thinks they are getting dirt on you, you are also getting dirt on your spouse.

Helping you retrieve and find your abducted children (hopefully alive and well)

When your ex kidnaps the kids, sometimes the FBI and Interpol alone cannot find them. So you need to get your own private detective who will use their own tactics to track down where your children are and hopefully bring them safely back to you.

Cell phone monitoring

Monitoring computers and cell phones can yield a lot of useful data in your divorce and a private detective can definitely advise you on this matter. You do have to be careful and make sure the private detective has a license and make sure they don’t violate any laws such as federal wiretapping laws which can land you or the detective in jail. There is a way to do things and a way not to so make sure your detective knows the rules and abides by them.

Conducting background checks

You may need to get background checks on people involved in your particular divorce situation – and that could include your spouse. Background checks after marriage have been known to reveal shocking things about spouses that should have been discovered before the marriage even took place! But that is another story. Now that it is time to divorce you may need a background check done for whatever reason and a private detective can definitely help you with that.

Setting up video monitoring (on site and on location to catch cheaters)

Private detectives can also help you set up video monitoring on site and in every home(s) you share with your spouse. You could also probably get other places and devices monitored depending on your situation but you do have to discuss these issues with a competent private detective who is licensed to conduct these types of surveillances. Make sure that the private detective knows the laws and follows them to keep yourself out of trouble.
Good luck to you!

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