Study Finds That British Women Are Financially Vulnerable After Divorce

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British Women Get the Shaft in Divorce

The number one divorce advice for women is that it happens all over the world, including and especially right here in America. A long-term marriage ends and women are left scrambling, drowning in a deep financial maelstrom. But in England, there seems to be a serious crisis going on with women, especially those in middle age (who are not married to seriously rich men), financially speaking. How can so many British women, living in the Twenty-first Century in one of the most progressive societies in the world, be left so financially devastated after divorce? Where is the logic? Whatever happened to this notion of London being the divorce capital of the world?

A recent article in UK Guardian from the Chartered Insurance Institute about the financial risk that divorce poses for British women today.

I guess my divorce advice for women is to make sure to continue to work during your marriage. Have your own money. You never know what could happen to your marriage in the future. Do not practice depending on your husband for your financial sustenance.

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