Men Get Richer after Divorce While Women Get Poorer. Why?

Is Divorce financially advantageous for men? Do Men Get Richer When They Divorce?

Various studies that have been conducted over the years, suggest that men get richer after divorce while their former wives often become mired in poverty. In some studies it is even evident that the men become significantly more affluent after marriage than they were during their marriage. This is true in spite of the fact that men often are the ones that pay the largest portion of child support and alimony.

Why is this?

Most sociologists blame gender biases in society and they also blame inequities in social structures and in the family structure as well. They point to the fact that more women will likely quit their jobs to raise the children and so they are out of the workforce and lose their earning power during marriage and after divorce while their husbands’ earning power only grows over the course of the marriage.

Is it so simple? Could it be that when men are married they spend more on their disposable incomes on their wives and children? That is, are women bigger spenders than men? Do they persuade their husbands to make expensive purchases for things he normally would not have dispensed money on as a single man – including vacations, real estate, home furnishings, holidays, jewelry, clothing, food and extra curricular activities for children? Are women just inherently expensive in other words? Are they more inclined to want to keep up with the Joneses and keep up with their friends and thus end up spending a lot of their husband’s money while they remain married? And with the husband out of the picture, and the purse string gone, are these same women who often are stay at home moms then forced to live within a more modest budget – a phenomenon sociologists enjoy referring to as “poverty”?
What if this is not really poverty but a situation that a woman is forced to live within her means once her husband is no longer there to pay all the bills? And what if the man is richer because he simply saves more because there is no woman there to constantly be harassing him to spend more of his money on trinkets and other nonsense?

Just a question.