Is your husband's stinginess destroying your marriage?

When your husband is cheap, it could literally lead to divorce: But it doesn’t necessarily mean he is a bad person

Let me ask you this question: How much did your husband spend on your first date together? Where did he take you? Did you go dutch? Why do I ask. No particular reason. I was just wondering.

But I can tell you this: when couples hold differing values about money, it does not bode well for the longevity of the marriage. And this is not about good guy bad guy. It is about two people having diametrically different values about money and spending that is a recipe for marital failure.

And let’s get off the gender train because the stingy spouse could just as easily be the wife and the husband could be the spendthrift. The idea is that when a couple has different values about money, they are either going to have to work on bridging those gaps (very actively) or they are not going to make it in the end.

Now. With regard to the first date. This could tell you a lot about the man’s money values. And if the values don’t square with your own, there is nothing wrong with passing on marriage to this person. It does not mean either of you isn’t perfectly wonderful but if his idea of¬† a first date is a street hot dog (which you pay Dutch) and you have something altogether more elaborate in mind where his cash outlays mean an investment in you, then beware of marriage to this guy.

Stinginess in a guy is not always fatal, though. He could just be a saver. He could just be saving for a rainy day and he doesn’t want to waste money. Sometimes, “stinginess” can be a good thing.

The bottom line is you have to weigh the pros and cons and evaluate what you are really dealing with here. Because there is stingy and then there is stingy. You know what I mean?