Are You Married to or Getting Divorced From a Thief?

Oh boy. This must be hard. Although, my grandmother always said that it is easier to manage a thief than it is to manage a liar. Still, the idea of marrying or being married to someone who thinks nothing of shop lifting things or outright commit grand larceny has got to be thrilling in all the wrong ways.

Ditto for having to divorce a thief. The thing about the petty thief and the grand larcenist, is that while they are not as dangerous as the pathological liar, they are still quite dangerous in terms of their issues with boundaries. They have a boundaries issue that can be very problematic and can even inculpate an unsuspecting spouse into legal quagmires.

As bad as they are, however, they are no match for the white collar thief who is infinitely more dangerous, I think. These people are closer to liars than larcenists and petty thieves because they are pretenders and they are sneaky and they look like they are upstanding, clean handed people but in fact, they are nothing but Bernie Madoffs behind one’s back.
Do you think a person like this won’t cheat you out of your divorce settlement, alimony or child support? And get away with it? I can tell you with confidence that this is a guarantee. And good luck finding the loot in their hiding places and stashes all over the globe.
Luckily for me, when I divorced my husband, this was not one of our issues.