Swedish Hotel Offers Couples a Refund if They Divorce Within a Year of Staying at the Hotel

This story just came across my desk from the BBC:

A Swedish hotel chain, COUNTRYSIDE HOTELS, is making an astonishing offer to its married guests. If they both stayed at the hotel together in the same room and later – within one year of their stay – get divorced, the hotel will refund the price of their sojourn at the hotel.
This seems rather generous and maybe even too generous on a certain level. According to the report, the company’s owners say that:

It’s offering a “relationship guarantee” on mini-breaks at its hotels, so if things subsequently don’t work out and the marriage ends within a year, then the chain says it will reimburse the cost of a two-night stay.
Petra Fagrell Jansson, who runs one of the hotels, isn’t worried about it becoming an expensive offer. She tells NWT that a trip could be exactly what people need to resolve their marital troubles. “Everyone needs a bit more time for their relationships and a little break from everyday life,” she says.

It is perfectly true that traveling together could save your marriage as I opined in this recent post called, French Polynesia: The Ideal Place for Divorce Busting Make Up Sex, a Little Snorkeling, and a Lot of Rest.

Taking it to the next level by getting reimbursed if your marriage cracks up within the year? Hey! That is good for you if you can get a deal like that! Don’t you agree?