Q&A: What if Anything Can I Do When My Spouse's Lawyer Brings in Fraudulent "Experts" To Prove Me "Unfit"?

Hmm…this is a tough question. Divorce in Connecticut has a booklist of interesting books for “protective moms”¬†going through divorce in the American court system and one of the books is called “Whores of the Court; The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony and the Rape of American Justice,” by Margaret A. Hagen, PhD. The book was written some time back, in 1997. But I suspect if you are a protective mom, you might still find it informative.
So the question is about fake experts who come in to testify in a divorce case – usually about custody – and leave with your life chopped up in bits and your kids snatched away by an over-zealous legal system.

The fact is that not only in Family law but in all areas of law, lawyers can bring in so called “expert witnesses” to testify on an issue or issues in a case and those witnesses are paid by the law firm or the firm’s client and yes, often, those witnesses are nothing but hired guns who are paid to perform – whores, basically.

It would be naive to suggest that some of these people are not outright fraudsters, liars and instigators – because they are. But not all experts are frauds or court “whores.” Many are legitimate and their testimony is based on their experience, knowledge and know how and on the facts presented to them.

If you believe that you are being scammed or blackballed by a fake expert, then you obviously need to either get that expert thrown off the case or get the judge to disregard the testimony. How do you do that? Well, try to impeach the expert by showing him or her to be a liar. Research the expert and other cases he or she may have testified in and if possible try to find inconsistencies in what he or she is saying. Attack the credibility of the expert. Check out writings of the expert, including articles and books. Bring in your own expert to refute testimony and other witnesses who can speak to your character and fitness as a parent.
Experts are not fact finders. They are paid to give their opinion and in some cases to shoot the breeze. If what they are saying is just downright BS, then your lawyer will have to find a way to make the court see the light.

Do not feel you have to remain a victim of a so called expert in your case because experts is what expert does and at the end of the day, a lot of these people are talking out of their you know whats and getting paid big bucks to do it. Which is sad.