Do You Need a Personal Strategist to Help You Get Unstuck After Your Divorce?

Divorce Travel: A Unique Divorce Travel Experience in the French Countryside awaits

So this is a different excuse to engage in divorce travel. It is a retreat. But first let me ask you this question:

What will your story be post-divorce? Apparently, the answer is completely up to you. Apparently, the stories we become is our own doing. We write and create our own life stories. Could you perhaps need some help with formulating a strategy that will help you write the right story with the kind of ending that you want and envision when you dare to dream?
There is this woman named Julie Hosler in Bourgogne, France who gives retreats called Personal Strategy Retreats.  So you go on these mini retreat in the French countryside and Julie basically helps you write the next chapter of your life. You literally become the architect of your own life with her help. She uses story-telling and a narrative approach to assist you with moving to the next level. Why stories and story-telling? Well, it is not because she is trying to treat you like a child but:

Stories are fundamental to who we are as human beings, and who we want to be. No culture has existed without stories. Stories are how we communicate, remember, and apply significance and meaning to facts. If you don’t like your story, write a new chapter, a plot twist, or a new book…  but without them we lose focus, drift to becoming something we never intended or let someone else tell our story for us. – Julie Hosler.

Even if you don’t live in France, I figured it could be something where you make a whole holiday or trip out of it, while also getting over your divorce.
Happy divorce travelling!

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