10 COOL ideas for "last date as a married couple" before you divorce

10 Last Date Ideas

  1. Go to the circus
  2. Cruise the world
  3. Spend the weekend in Turks and Caicos Islands collecting sea shells.
  4. Empty the house of all contents, put up a for auction sign, and go for a sail in a little riverboat (where dinner is served) while someone else auctions it off for you.
  5. Take a long, scenic journey by train (at least 5 hours) like the Orient Express, TVA or Amtrak
  6. Go to Six Flags and go on the scariest rides.
  7. Attend a divorce retreat
  8. Have one last blow out pillow fight (did you know there is such a thing as World Pillow Fight Day?), have sex in the park, then….I don’t know. Then, do whatever you want, OK? Go have a beer and talk about old times. Whatever.
  9. Attend one of Paris Hilton’s foam parties in Ibiza.
  10. Have goodbye sex in a hammock, tree house or someplace equally ludicrous.

Photo Flickr Creative Commons