Did You End Up Feeling Grateful For Your Divorce?

Do you feel “Grateful” For Your Divorce?

It is almost inconceivable to some people, but there are people whose predominant emotion relating to their divorce is GRATITUDE. Are you one of those people who just wants to say to your ex “thanks” for divorcing me? Or do you feel a totally different emotion, like anger or depression?

But back to GRATITUDE. Why do some people feel gratitude? It is not really all that hard to understand. Maybe they are just grateful to have survived a particularly violent situation; or they are grateful they got out in the nick of time before their ex self-imploded; or they are grateful because by getting out of the wrong marriage they were able to make way for the right relationship for them. Who knows the myriad reasons a person might feel gratitude.
The gratitude may even have to be with the fact that they appreciated having had the opportunity to marry the person in the first place even though the marriage ended in divorce. When Jennifer Aniston was asked about her divorce from Brad Pitt one time, she said “I feel grateful.” She did not elaborate on the source of her gratitude but one can guess at any number of scenarios of why she might have had that reaction to things. And look how it turned out for her. She found her true love and her life went on and she never went on a bender or lost her composure in public.

What about you? How did your divorce make you feel in the end?

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