"Divorced Moms are NOT Single Moms" said someone on Twitter. Really?

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I just read that line on Twitter that “divorced moms are not consideredsingle moms.” I thought, “is that so?” What are they if not “single moms” who were once married moms?
That is, a “single mom” is an unmarried mom. Right? And her opposite is a mom who is married.

So when that second mom gets divorced she is no longer married.
So she is “single.”
And she is a “mom.”
So now she is a “single mom.”
In fact they both are. Except if the first mom gets married so now she is not a “single mom” anymore.
Or do I not understand something here?

Is it that once you have been married, you can never again classify yourself as “single”? Does “single” actually mean “never married”? Or does it mean “not married at the moment?”
Because if it means never married, then of course a “divorced mom” can never be called a “single mom.” She is obviously a “divorced mom.”

But if “single” means “not married at the moment,” then totally it is clear that a “divorced mom” can be a “single mom” if she happens to become unmarried.
…I guess the part I resent is the underlying subtext that somehow the “single mom” is inferior to the “divorced mom.”

This perpetuates a troubling stereotype and judgement that values women solely on the basis of their marital status and creates a hierarchy of women based on dubious characteristics. For example, is a married woman superior to a divorced woman? Does a woman’s worth depend on whether a man has put a ring on it and that the ring is still on it?
It doesn’t really make a difference if a woman is mothering her child in a single parent home if she happened to have been married at one point, or if she never married.
Just saying.
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