On When it is the Wife Who Abuses The Husband

If the wife hits and abuses her husband, maybe he should hit her back

Sometimes, it is the wife you abuses the husband whether physically or verbally. Nobody talks about that. But it does happen and apparently more often than people realize.
Why would a woman abuse her husband? I would imagine it is the same reason a man abuses his wife. It is often learned behavior they picked up when they were kids and the continue to make the choice to be horrible as adults.

Because there is no excuse really, to say “oh, I was abused as a kid so I abuse you now.” That is just BS, excuse me. A person makes a choice whether or not to abuse another. Even as children there is choice but certainly as a full-blown adult, there is no excuse.

The thing with abused men is that there is an added shame because he does not want to seem weak. He is afraid people will think he is the woman on Orange is the New Black: Poussey Washington. Is that her name? Poussey? The man who is abused fears being called that or thought of as that – and with good reason!

The thing is, if that same man who is being abused were to fight back, even once, it would put an end to the behavior of his abusing wife. Especially one who is physically abusive. The man just only needs to hit her back, hard, one time. And she would stop. Not so easy with the verbal as women are much better at being verbally abusive than men, in my experience.

And I am not recommending violence against anybody. But it seems to me that at a certain point, if you are being abused, you are allowing the abuse to continue because you don’t fight back. Abusers are bullies. You have to stand up to them. You have to fight back or you will never stop being their victim. This goes also if the husband is abusing the wife. Hit ’em the heck back. This is what will stop their ignorant behavior.

Do you agree?
Photo credit: Flickr