THE ABUSIVE EX: What if the court required your abusive ex to inform the police before he or she had another relationship?


An abusive ex has been the nightmare a lot of people know only too well. One guy in UK was so horribly abusive to his significant other, that the court has ordered him to report any and all new relationships to the police if he is seeing anyone more than two weeks. This way the police can inform the woman or person that this man has had a past history of beating the crap out of his partners.

The man is currently spending three  years in a British prison.

What about your situation? Do you have an abusive ex? Or, are you in an abusive marriage or relationship? Do you think it would be appropriate for the courts to order your abusive ex partner to inform the police of any new relationships based on the abuse you have suffered at the hands of this monster?

Do you think this is even going to be effective in protecting society from monsters like these?
Why do you stay with this monster?

How come it took you so long to get out and to get a divorce?