Divorce Travel: Go to a Poustinia!

Divorce Travel By Grace Ann Diaz for Divorce Saloon International Magazine: Le Saloon
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Today’s Divorce Travel tip: Have you ever heard of poustinia? It is a retreat – normally in a place like a small secluded cabin far away from everything. Do you know what the word means and it origins? It is a Russian word and it means “thing apart” and in Russian has to do with the desert. Sometimes after a divorce, you want to get away and that is why the divorce travel industry is growing because people like you are demanding new and different travel opportunities.

In modern Western parlance as I said the poustinia usually refers to a type of small, quiet, peaceful place where one can go to reflect, meditate, pray and rid oneself of all the “noise” of modern life. There are several poustinia retreats in abbeys around the world – especially in the UK and Scotland. The concept was introduced in the West by a woman named Catherine Doherty – a Russian born aristocrat and divorcée.

Born at the turn of the century into the wealth and luxury of Russian nobility, condemned to death during the Bolshevik Revolution, an immigrant to North America, friend of the rich and famous, victim of an unhappy marriage and divorce, foundress of the Friendship Houses in America and the Madonna Houses throughout the world given to serving the poor, a pioneer in the Civil Rights Movement and a woman passionately in love with God, Catherine de Hueck Doherty remains an enigma years after her death. Considered a saint by some (her cause for canonization is under consideration) and a charlatan by others, hers is an undeniably extraordinary story.

For some people who are going through a divorce, a poustinia might be just the thing that you need – and indeed there are all types of divorce retreats out there.  There probably is no other time in a person’s life that could be so stressful and that calls as much for a time out. It does not even have to be about a religious persuasion as much as it is about self-reflection, solitude and tranquility during a time of turbulence in one’s life.

The poustinia retreat is special because it does tend to have the spiritual/religious component to it and for some people, this could be an interesting alternative to other types of divorce retreats. This makes it an especially interesting divorce travel option for the right person. Obviously, a poutinia would not be for everyone as a divorce travel option. But it might be for you.

The word poustinia in Russian orthodoxy:

This is a retreat where one lives in solitude and silence and through prayer and reflection comes into the presence of God. We need this more than ever in the modern world. The modern person who undergoes a poustinia can take the solitude of the servt back into their everyday life with them, and live a better life having been through this experience. James M. Russell.

There are many places all over the world that offer poutinia retreats including in Santa Fé, New Mexico, New Jersey, USA, and several in the United Kingdom, as well as in Russia.
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